Our Story

Since 1833 Garnier-Thiebaut designs, waives and finishes quality linen tailored to the need of professionals around the world. Since 1995 Garnier-Thiebaut also creates 2 retail collections per year.

Built on family values, the Garnier-Thiebaut company is born following the wedding of 2 textile families in a beautiful village of France built around a lake.

Taking over the company in 1995, Paul de Montclos remained committed to the local and authentic roots of the company while constantly innovating. Today the company sells to families and professionals all around the world.

From string selection and dying to pattern creation and finishing our teams work passionately to create the linen and trends of tomorrow.


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Our history is exciting and our future promising! Discover it in a few key dates:



Like all beautiful stories, that of Garnier-Thiebaut begins with a wedding celebrated by the merchants of linen, that of Virginie Thiébaut and Jean-Baptiste Garnier. Together, they create the weaving company GARNIER-THIEBAUT.



The first Garnier-Thiebaut textile factory is built in Gérardmer.



The company is developing and builds two weaving factories, a bleaching plant, and two major garment factories.



During the Second World War, the factory is destroyed. It takes five years for the plant to rise from its ashes and the looms to buzz again.



The heirs of Garnier-Thiebaut decide to sell the family company which keeps its name and soul despite the successive purchases.



The Montclos family, oldest textile family in France, bought the company and Centrale Linière, a textile specialist for hotels and restaurants. Garnier-Thiebaut then repositioned itself in a fast-growing market: the hotel industry.



Paul de Montclos, the current CEO, gives new impulse to the Vosges company and its men by betting on innovation, creativity and diversification. Already famous in the restaurant and hotel sector, equipping stared establishments, Garnier-Thiebaut is entering the retail market with collections that perfectly master the colors and the refinement of patterns, combined with flawless quality.



Launch of the American holding.



Garnier-Thiebaut is one of the first to obtain the 'Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant' (living heritage company) label.



Garnier-Thiebaut celebrates 180 years! On this occasion, the brand changes its visual identity.



Opening of the 1st Concept Store in downtown Gérardmer.



Garnier-Thiebaut guests the ISO 14001 certification.



Garnier-Thiebaut is continuing its investments to remain at the forefront of technology and innovation.