Table linen

Thanks to our 185 years old heritage, Garnier-Thiebaut travels in artistic worlds from traditional to contemporary through Art Nouveau and Art Deco and we control 100% of the production process.

Custom made is the speciality of GARNIER-THIEBAUT which produces unique creations of tablecloths for the most beautiful hotels and restaurants in the world.


Creation: Our styling department designs two retail collections per year and initiates trends in the hospitality market.

CAD (Computer-Aided Drafting): Our technique of digital drawings allows to simulate the visual of customised and personalised products that are a speciality of GT.

Dyeing: We create our own dyeing products in France. We have a catalogue of more than 1,500 colour references.

Weaving: With its French factory, Garnier-Thiebaut is specialised in traditional jacquard weaving: a process that consists in crossing warp and weft threads to create the drawing in the fabric. Patterns appear on both sides of each piece with 3D effects. This is called the damask fabric. 

Make-up and Treatments: Garnier-Thiebaut owns its bleaching and treatment plant. Our treatments give the product its final aspect more brightness, more resistance, giving new properties to the fabric. We constantly invest in R&D to improve these. We also offer a wide range of robotic, manual or hybrid confection. 

Label: We provide you with your own label signature on your products.

Administration and quality: Our teams provide you with all the technical information you need about the products as well as the best delivery conditions wherever you are in the world and our assistance in the long run.