Bath linen

Garnier-Thiebaut builds itself on innovation and creativity, these two pillars allow us to give life to the linen of your dreams. Let us bring the final touch...

Custom made is the speciality of GARNIER-THIEBAUT which produces unique creations of bedspreads for the most beautiful hotels and palaces in the world.

The best cotton: We offer a wide range of resistant cotton available in several grammages.

Make-up: Our products aren't only aesthetic, they are also very resistant and prepared for professional washing.

Pattern: Rather through damask effect or embroidery, our teams can design the pattern of your choice with your colours.

Label: We provide you with your own label signature on your products.

Administration and quality: Our teams provide you with all the technical information you need about the products as well as the best delivery conditions wherever you are in the world and our assistance in the long run.