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Inspired by Elliot Lapotre, Vosgian and mountain biking champion

20 Juin. 2019
Photos from @damienguiot
Where did you grow up?
In Valtin, in the ‘Hautes Vosges’.

How long have you been doing mountain biking?
About 12 years

We must tell all those who have not yet seen your video 'Lost Paradise' on Youtube to go see it right away! Where was it filmed?
In the vicinity of Thillot in the South of the Vosges, on the private grounds of a friend.

What was your best win in this sport?

To have done the thing I love most in the world, mountain biking in the forest, every day.

This passion makes you travel a lot. What is your favorite place from all that you have visited?
The number 1 place for me is Canada because in addition to having a field that is in line with the practice, the mentality of the people is great and the evolution of the bikes and the practice are way ahead of most other countries.

Where do you live today ?
Still in Valtin.

What do you like to do first when you return to the Vosges after a long trip?
Admire the beauty of the mountains. It is a very mysterious and vast place that will always fascinate me.

What is your favorite place in the Vosges to train?
Where the land is the softest possible, that is to say almost everywhere ... It is a dream place for a mountain biker in love with nature.

Do you think that you have a character trait that is typically Vosgesian, if so which one?
Chauvinist? haha

Let's talk about gastronomy and tableware: what is your favorite Vosgien dish?
What I like to eat is the opposite total of typical Vosgian dishes. But I can still recommend the Hotel Le Collet, a superb place to discover the local specialties in all simplicity, really friendly ..;)

As a Geromois you knew the Garnier-Thiebaut brand?

According to you, what is the highest quality of the Vosges?
It is a place, warm, mystical and above all simple. 

What are the next steps for you professionally? How can we follow your adventures?
Always continue with my passion, projects photos, videos and travels, which does not leave me much free time ☺ It's on Instagram @eliottlapotre the easiest way to follow my adventures and google for my videos.

 Thank you Elliot for taking the time to tell us about your journey full of moguls, haha and thank you to HOSHI and @damienguiot for the great photos! 
Photo from Hoshi

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