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In the home of Pascal in Lucerne

20 Juin. 2019

What is your favorite room in your apartment?
Definitely the open kitchen and attached open living room. It’s where I spend most of my time at home.
Whether it’s sitting at the bar or kitchen table working, having an apéro with friends or chilling on the couch watching TV. I like light-flooded and open spaces; it gives me a feeling of freedom and luxury.

What does the ideal evening look like in your living room?
It would either involve having a few friends over for dinner & some good wine or then a game of American football or soccer on tv, some beers and friends to shout at the tv with.

Is the look of your home important to you?
As I have a tendency to invite people and share my home, I would say so, yes.
It’s ok to have guests realize that you actually live in that place, but I’m a pretty tidy person as it is. Also, it’s much nicer to come home, reenergize after a long day if you feel comfortable with your home.

How would you describe your style of deco?
Maybe it’s a bit of a weird mix between minimalist, Scandinavian and certain pieces of natural and reclaimed wood. I’d rather have too little than too much furnishing – I think we all have way too much stuff anyway.

Do you have a decoration advice for us?
Throw out some furniture and give yourself some more space to breathe!

Your favorite object at Garnier-Thiebaut?
 The kitchen towels  are amazing, they bring colors in your home in a nice way and if you like cooking you always need some good towels.

And you love to cook right? You even made it your job in a way. Can you tell us a bit about this?
Haha yes i love food but more then anything else, I like the moments you share around the table with your loved ones.
It is actually where my company comes from. I am the co-founder of Planted, a start-up that makes 'meat' entirely from plants. The idea was to come up with a sustainable, cruelty-free option that can allow us to keep the cultural and important moments that we usually share around barbecues or family chicken tikka or pasta recipes.

Would you say that you are an interior man?
Well, I’m definitely not a crazy outdoor man. But while having a nice home is important to me, I also like to go out discover places, get some fresh air and inspiration.
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