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Inspired by Thibaut Gamba, Starred chef from Vosges
25 Juin. 2019

- Thibaut, where did you grow up?
In Sartes, a tiny village of a hundred inhabitants near Neufchateau in the Vosges

- How did you fall in love with the cuisine?
Watching my grandmothers and my mom cook fresh produce for the family daily and following the path of my brother and cousins ​​also in this field.

- Where did you study?
Neufchateau then at the Contrexeville Hotel School (Vosges).

- Your talent for cooking has allowed you to work for the greatest starred chefs (Lasserre, Gagnaire, Per Se etc.) and you traveled a lot for your career. Which region inspires your cuisine the most?
I am not inspired by a particular region, my cuisine is a mix of techniques and flavors discovered and learned in my different experiences, open to the world, adapting to the products and ground of the region in which I find myself .

- Today you are the chef of the 5 star Clarance Hotel in Lille. Are there any similarities between the North and the Vosges?
Without hesitation the personality of the people: Simplicity, generosity, honesty. 

 - Thanks to TV shows such as TopChef, for the last 10 years cooking is really a job that makes many young people dream, but we also know that these are difficult jobs ... How many hours a week do you spend in your kitchen?
It is essential to be passionate to do this job. The passion is why I honestly never really counted my hours, but yes you must be aware and prepared for the constraints before getting into this career.

- What is your 'style' of cooking?
My cooking is essentially turned around seafood and vegetables with herbs and flowers from our market gardeners.

- What do you like to do first when you return to the Vosges?
Enjoy the nature, our forests and mountains. And festive and relaxing moments of course!

- Do you think that you have a character trait that is typically Vosgesian, if so which one?
The generosity.

- What is your favorite Vosgien dish?
The paté or quiche lorraine, one of the few recipes that I can enjoy at any time of the day!

- And your favorite dessert?
 Tart with mirabelle plum picked from the garden

- As Vosgien you knew the Garnier-Thiebaut brand?
I had already heard this brand but never took the time to discover the collections

- Is there a product that you particularly like?
The table linen collections made in France of course…

- What are the next steps for you professionally? How can we follow your achievements and taste your work?
The future is to continue with my team to surpass ourself to satisfy and try to give pleasure to our customers. I have an Instagram account @thibautgamba where I post regular photos of our work and dishes. I invite all those who can discover this beautiful city of Lille and our restaurant the table "La Table" in the hotel Clarance in the heart of old Lille.

Thank you Thibaut for taking the time to talk to us about your path from Vosges to stars…
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